August 1

IF you go and revile your brother, I tell you you have forgot who you are, and what is your name. For even if you were a smith and made an ill use of the hammer, you would have forgot the smith: and, if you have forgot the brother, and are become, instead of a brother, an enemy do you imagine you have made no change of one thing for another in that case? If, instead of a man, a gentle social creature, you are become a wild beast, mischievous, insidious, biting; have you lost nothing? But must you lose money, in order to suffer damage; and is there no other thing, the loss of which damages a man? If you were to part with your skill in grammar, or in music, would you think the loss of these damage? But if you part with honour, decency, and gentleness, do you think that no matter?



  1. When we behave in a manner that is less than our true selves we deny ourselves. When we behave in a base manner we become less than our true self. We need to focus on living virtuously with a realistic point-of-view.

  2. Will the real person you are stand up? When we are less than what we could be, we are damaging ourselves as people.

  3. As long as good is believed outside, it cannot know that the relation to its cause is internal. It always feels that it is outside...